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Self-taught artist Daniela Pradelli, who paints under the name of “Dannie Praed”, she lives and works in Modena, where she began her artist’s career in the 90s. Still at the present time she likes to work freely between different techniques, with preference to oil, challenging her abilities. The artist’s paintings are in continual evolution as she searches for new experiences, which come from her individual creativity and her satisfaction in being able to convey and express, while listening to her soul, her deepest emotions in colours and images, whether they be landscape, conceptual or figurative.
The artist’s paintings reveal a naturalistic sensitivity, called naïve, she captures realistic scenes that go beyond the mere representation of colours and details.
Her works show veiled feelings in an imaginative or enchanted atmosphere.
The artist’s work has been included in a variety of exhibitions and competitions, both local and national, receiving considerable recognition.

“Starting from scratch rising through hard steps covering a shaky path so that it may filter my ray of light.”

Dannie Praed

“Painting keeps me alive, the brush on paper, on canvas, cry, sing, colour gives meaning to my life.”

Dannie Praed

When evening draws on
and working thoughts
crawl away
at the mercy
of deep passion
dreams get dyed.
Savouring the hours
that are going by,
emotions throb,
with small strokes
are talking shape
the veiled pictures
from an aching
When end comes,
among glimpses,
in the shade
and light of hues,
prey of the melody of time,
the brush is singing
on paintings
and life is colouring.

Dannie Praed

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