Spoleto Arte 2018

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Spoleto Arte 2018 

Titolo:                       ‘’Spoleto Arte 2018’’
Opening:                  Saturday 30th June 2018 -18.00 hrs
Venue:                      Sansi Leti Palace
Place:                        Via Arco di Druso, 37 – Spoleto (PG)
Period:                      from 30h June to 25th July 2018
Admittance:            Free
Organizer:               Salvo Nugnes – Spoleto Arte
Curator:                   Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi
Info;    Tel. 042525190 – –

Promoters: MiBACT -Regione Umbria -Provincia di Perugia – Città di Spoleto
Under the patronage of’UNESCO

Press Release
Waiting for the prestigious exhibition Spoleto Arte by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi. The exhibition, organized by the cultural manager Salvo Nugnes, president of Spoleto Arte, will be inaugurated by the famous art critic on Saturday 30 June at 18.00 in the historic Palazzo Leti Sansi. The headquarters, in Via Arco di Druso, 37 (Piazza del Mercato, Spoleto), will be set up from June 30 to July 25, and will host the works of many artists from all over Italy and abroad. Pride of the rich program known as the Festival that has been success for over sixty years, Spoleto Arte is crowned by the exhibition of Mario Schifano together with that of the famous photographer India Blake, daughter of the Johnson & Johnson empire. José Dalì, artist and son of Salvador Dalì, Silvana Giacobini, former director of “Chi” and “Diva e Donna”, Alberto D’Atanasio of the Modigliani Museum, Roberto Villa, an internationally renowned photographer and friend of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Dario Fo, Vanna Ugolini of «Il Messaggero», Carlo Motta of Editorial G. Mondadori, Tony di Corcia, biographer of Versace and Armani and the internationally successful pianist Francesco Marano.

Salvo Nugnes says proudly: «I am always very inclined to organize the now traditional annual appointment with the Spoleto Arte exhibition curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. It is a confirmation that reinforces the synergistic bond with the enchanting city of Spoleto, which is very dear to me. The town is in fact immersed in a unique and unmistakable atmosphere, with its charm full of history, art and culture. »

He also added, recalling the previous edition of 2017: “Spoleto Arte […] has obtained the prestigious patronage of UNESCO, which for us is a source of great pride and satisfaction. It is a special recognition that stimulates us to continue our journey and to always look for new and original solutions to be offered to both artists and visitors, which increase year by year, confirming the wide approval and appreciation towards the initiative. »

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