Marcinelle 262 – Le Bois Du Cazier

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Daughter of a formal miner I am honoured to take part in this great exhibition !!!

Press Release
Mario Castellese, President of the Art Emotions for Soul Association, in quality of creator and organizer of Marcinelle 262, announces that from 8th August to 9th September 2018 will take place in Marcinelle (Belgium), a contemporary art exhibition dedicated to all the miners tragically disappeared in the mining accident of 8 August 1956.
The exhibition will be hosted in the Museum of Le Bois Du Cazier (Marcinelle) in the “Espace Amercoeur” room and inaugurated on August 7th at 18.30 hrs.
The event will be attended by 95 artists and each of the exhibited works will be associated, in dedicated memory, the image of the miners who lost their lives that sad day. The works will be placed inside a circular installation designed to recreate a symbolic embrace for all the disappeared miners, their relatives and visitors to the exhibition.
This exhibition will be part of the 6th artistic stage of an itinerant route started in Italy in 2016 that touched cities such as L’Aquila (Palazzo Fibioni) and Manoppello (PE), in the region that cried the highest number of deaths, the Abruzzo. Later the exhibition was also hosted in the Veneto region, in Mussolente (VI) and San Zenone degli Ezellini (TV) to then continue in the Lombardy Region, in Monza.
Moreover, from 8 August and for the entire duration of the Marcinelle exhibition, in various regions of Italy will be exhibited some prints of the works in Belgium, a metaphorical union between the places of origin of the miners and the place that saw the sad textinction of their lives.
The exhibition will be presented by MARIO CASTELLESE, President of the Artistic Association ART EMOTIONS FOR SOUL (Musselente VI Italy) and Artistic Director of “Marcinelle 262”. Speakers:
JEAN-LOUIS DELAET, Director of the Museum of LE BOIS DU CAZIER Charleroi Belgium
ALAIN FORTI, Curator of the Museum
CRISTIANO MONTAGNER, Mayor of Mussolente (VI).
ROBERTA SORGATO, writer presenting “Cuori nel pozzo” book

At the opening of the event, Maestro Luigi Ferro (musician and composer) will perform at the piano the specially composed piece “Marcinelle 262”.
Below is a complete list of participating artists originating or coming from: Italy, Belgium, Mexico, England, Argentina, Luxembourg, Russia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Poland, France, Moldova, Ukraine.

Artists List
Anna ACCIARINO, Adele ARATI, Marina BACIOCCHI, Gianni BALZANELLA, Yasmina BARBET, Patrizia BARBIERO, Adelina BARIVIERA, Valter BARUFFA, Maria Luisa BERTONI, Maria Teresa BOLIS, Elisabetta BOSISIO, Veronica CANETTI, Antonella CARRARO, Isabel CARAFI, Natalia CARAGHERGHI, Giuseppe CASTELLESE, Elisabetta CASTELLO, Mario CECCONI, Roberto CESAREO, Ciro CIOFFI, Carla COLOMBO, Roberta CORAL, Lara Monica COSTA, Federica COSTANTINO, Marina CRISAFIO, Daniela DAMIANO ASDHE, Liana DEGAN, Miriam DE NARDI, Fabienne DI GIROLAMO, Gabriella DI NATALE, Cinzia DI PIETRO, Mimmo EMANUELE, Maria Patrizia EPIFANIA, Sabrina ESPOSITO, Silvia FERRERO, Roberto FRADALE, Oscar FRANCESCUTTO, Valeria FRANCHI, Johan FRISO’, Sergio GANDINI, Gaia Laura GHEZZI, Luciana GIURIATO, Teodora GROZA, Milena KARADZHIYAN, Rosalind KEITK, Marisa KORZENIECKI, Elena KULESHOVA, Roberto LECCESE, Anne-Marie LEFEBVRE, Daniela LEONE, Valter LUNARDON, Elio LUTRI, Sebastiano MAGNANO, Concetta MASCIULLO, Luigina MASSARIA, Xenia MIRANDA, Ferruccio MIRANDOLA, Karin MONSCHAUER, Matilde MULE’, Francesca NICOLO’, Rosae NOVICHENKO, Maria Rita ONOFRI, Francesca ORE, Loria ORSATO, Mina PACE, Katia PAPALEO, Alessandro PASSARINO, Juri PERIN, Flavio PERIN, Silvia PERRONE, Daniela PICCINELLI, Rosaria PICCIONE, Cesare PINOTTI, Nadia PIOTTO, Liala POLATO, DANNIE PRAED, Anna PROIETTI, Laura PROVINCIALI, Tiziana RICCO, Hernandez RIVERA, Giusy RIZZI, Claudia ROSSETTI, Luigi ROSSETTI, Rita ROTUNNO, Antonio SACCO, Gianni SERRA, Jessica SPAGNOLO, Erminio STALLIVIERE, Milena STRADIOTTO, Cinzia TRABUCCHI, Gennaro TREMATERRA, Fiorenzo VACCARETTI, Nicoletta VALLER, Maria Rita VITA, Rita IALONI, Valentina VURCHIO.

August 8, 1956 Marcinelle a tragic day .. remembered and ‘felt’ again through the evocative power of Art .. Art that can transform the pain and transmit the memory not only of the suffering experienced but also of the delicate and sacred uniqueness of life. Art as inspiration for a new way of Being … over time and beyond the time of this our humanity.



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